How Is Endorsing a Public Health Approach an Opportunity for Christian Witness?

The Christian worldview harmonizes with a public health approach that realistically and compassionately upholds human dignity. Christians know that in God’s eyes monogamy is not just a “sexual alternative,” but the only wholesome context for sexual expression. To them this is not mere “opinion,” but a fact conforming to nature and God’s Word.

Faithful monogamy is an important foundation for a healthy, compassionate society. The legitimate and realistic fear of AIDS offers millions of people a chance to be exposed to an incomparably uplifting worldview and way of life.

It is tragic that religious and economic conditions in many parts of the world combine to create cultural circumstances in which a sexually transmitted disease like AIDS can quickly become a plague. Animistic superstition, caste degradation, prostitution, polygamy—all of these circumstances victimize women and children.

The church can bring physical and spiritual hope to the victims of AIDS, becoming the channel by which both life-saving medical help and spiritual hope can be channeled to those in need. Most importantly, it can provide an expanding community that offers the love and mercy of Jesus Christ.

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